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PTM Plant is committed to providing exceptional standards and quality of service to all of its customers. We believe that this can and must be done in a way, which protects and enhances the environment. It is a fundamental part of our business policy that we should aim to avoid losses and maximise benefits. It follows that we must minimise adverse environmental effects arising from our business activities and promote a positive attitude to the conservation and enhancement of all aspects of our environment. Environmental factors will be taken into consideration in our business planning and decision making.

The PTM Plant Environmental Policy is implemented by all employees. Our commitment involves:

  • Reducing waste levels and actively recycling waste materials for re use
  • Carefully monitoring scrap materials in accordance with quality procedures
  • Making sure energy use is monitored through a programme of improvement to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Monitoring fuel use and maintaining plant to enable fuel efficiency
  • Training employees and raising awareness with procedures and responsibilities
  • Ensuring activities are carried out with minimal impact on local communites and not creating a nuisance to our neighbours
  • Carefully vetting our suppliers to ensure their commitment and standards are equal to ours
  • Reducing waste levels and actively recycling waste materials for re use